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100% Australian. 100% natural. Feed Safe Accredited. 

B-COMPLETE for Nature's Elite Canine Supplement- 500gram pouch and 2.5kg tubs are designed to improve your dogs gut health, thereby improving its overall well-being. Made from 100% Whole Dried Green Bananas, it is a 100% Natural Product, 100% Australian Owned and Manufactured, using 100% Australian bananas.

Improve Gut Health and Stool Quality, Reduce Flatulence, whilst also assisting in reducing anxiety. Improvement in skin and coat health. 


Mission - happy, healthy dogs!

Because dogs are such an active species it's important to look after their health and well being through their diet. Adding B-Complete will provide a broad range of benefits.

Improved Gut Health

Particularly for dogs with digestive sensitivities, B-Complete assists with gastroenteritis. This is due to the anti-inflammatory and natural properties found in green bananas.

Reduced anxiety

The active compounds that exist in green bananas, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin all have the ability to create a calming effect on the dog, whilst promoting a general sense of well-being, to encourage a more relaxed animal.

Improved stool quality

Helps with loose and watery stools and improves consistency.


Reduced Odours.

Feeding low-quality ingredients, fillers or feeds with artificial preservatives, can cause inflammation of the large intestine (canine colitis), stomach infections, irritable bowel syndrome or inflammation of the pancreas. Supplementing their feed with B-Complete provides added protection against these ailments.

Improved coat and skin health

The existence of numerous antioxidants that naturally occur in green bananas, promote overall health in all dogs regardless of age, size or breed.

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