NEW- Effects of Dried Green Banana on Equine Gastrointestinal Health- Research Paper- BFA & Uni of Adelaide

Frequently asked questions

Are green bananas safe for Horses?

Yes it is.

As one would expect, a balanced diet is required, so supplementing into a balanced diet is a great way to look after your horse's health. B-Complete is a healthy addition to any horse's diet, with a key focus on gut health. The Antioxidants, the anti-ulcergenic properties are demonstrating huge benefits, and making for happier, healthier horses.

We have done a lot of work on this product, with PhD qualified nutritionists, Vets, University Academics, and of course we have done extensive in-field trials. We continue to further investigate the health benefits to the microbiome (a very new space), and as a result we continue to work with University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Campus, to demonstrate the inherent benefits of including B-Complete.

It is not suggested to feed green bananas as a large ration of your horses feed, as the moisture alone may cause upsets. When supplemented as B-Complete (100grams a day dosage) it is perfectly safe.

It is not suggested to feed green bananas as a large ration of your horses feed, as the moisture alone may cause upsets. When supplemented as B-Complete (100grams a day dosage) it is perfectly safe.

Muesli consistency versus powder consistency. What's the difference?

During our initial product development we could produce green banana powder, however, given that we were starting to see imported powder arriving into Australia, with some of it proving to not even 100% banana (in fact much of those products were comprised of corn starch, or other starches), we decided to produce a muesli consistency to differentiate our product and protect our brand and reputation.

We also know that current powders don’t include the peel, where a lot of the most beneficial compounds are found! We have a Patent filed to protect our business from those that will no doubt try to imitate our B-Complete product range.

We can provide a powder by special request which does include the peel, stem, and flower ends, just like our B-Complete, but finer!

How do I best store your products?

Keep products below 30 degrees (room temperature, replace lid after use to avoid moisture absorption).

What's the recommended dose, and how much does one of the provided scoops hold?

Recommended daily intake for a 14.2hh-15hh horse (approx. 500kg) is 100g per day.

If the horse is over or under 500 kg, then use approximately 20 grams per 100 kg of animal weight. There is a scoop in the packaging, and it is approximately 100 grams, when filled slightly heaped, and just above the water line.

Given it is a 100% natural product, there are variations throughout the year and being slightly over or under will not cuase any issues for the horse.

The dosage may be varied depending on the animal’s individual circumstances, including an increase of 50% during times of heavy training.

B-Complete is 100% natural so you adjust to best meet your animal’s needs, without concern.

Do you have an instructions guide for opening the Sure-Lock Lids?

We sure do! Simply right click on the image below to download a step-by-step guide.

What research has Banana Feeds Australia undertaken, and what research will they be doing in the future?

Banana Feeds Australia has undertake a lot of research with laboratories and researchers regarding the use of dried green bananas as a supplement for horses. It is such a new concept that it has never been done before! Well it has now!

We have worked alongside the South Australian Research and Development Institution, and the Vet School at Roseworthy campus for University of Adelaide.

Initially we conducted a world wide academic literacy search, which turned up very little. We found papers on other species, so we had to start from scratch.

A lot of analytical work has been completed, lots of in-field trials conducted, and further extensive trials have now commenced, against omeprazole for management of ulcers. There is evidence in overseas research that have indicated banana and their skins are getting results equivalent to ulcer drugs.

Green bananas contain high levels of antioxidants and other bioactive compounds that may confer a variety of health benefits. In particular, unripe bananas and green banana supplements have been found to be beneficial for gastrointestinal health in humans and have been shown to have anti-ulcerogenic properties in rodent models. In horses they are looking at the ulcers in the acid secreting areas of the stomach, which in horses are known as glandular ulcers, found in the lower part of the stomach. In the past these ulcers have been very difficult to near impossible to heal, and the work we are doing is to bring a new product to market that can improve this terrible condition.

Approximately 60-100% of strenuously exercising horses are affected by equine gastric ulceration syndrome (EGUS) and a natural product that could help prevent this condition would be extremely beneficial.

Banana Feeds Australia designed, commenced and have concluded an initial intensive trial with researchers at the University of Adelaide to determine the effects of feeding a dried green banana supplement on gastrointestinal health and specifically its use as an ulcer preventative or maintenance product.

If you look to the top of this page, you will see the full unedited copy of the completed research project as a PDF. Click on the icon, to read more.

The supplement is not intended to be fed as a primary source of carbohydrate and at the recommended dose (100-200g / day) it was noted during our research and trial work, that the starch content did not any detrimental effects.


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Does B-Complete contain starch?

Like all natural products, green bananas contain starch. However, in the recommended dosages (approx 100 grams per day), it won't have any impact on the animal. We have had confirmation from well-regarded nutritionists that initially thought it could pose some risk, but after discussing our product, dosage rates etc., they agree that it is not an issue. In fact, like all things, the overarching benefits certainly stand to be overwhelmingly positive.

Can I purchase using my credit card details instead of Pay Pal?

Yes you can. You can pay via Pay Pal or Credit Card. If you follow the payment process in Pay Pal it will have a prompt you if you do not have a Pay Pal account to use a credit card (sometimes you need to scroll down a little bit to see the option when at the Pay Pay account sign in stage.)

What are the ingredients in B-Complete?

100% whole green dried bananas! There are no other additives in our B-Complete products other than whole dried green bananas which have been processed and milled into a muesli consistency.

B-Complete include the skins, the pulp, the stems and even the flower ends, all full of nutritious and beneficial vitamins and compounds. Most of the beneficial polyphenols, flavonoids are located in the peel, which is why they are an important part of B-Complete.

Does Banana Feeds Australia do another product for Bees?

Yes! Banana Feeds Australia have worked with a number of reputable beekeepers in developing a very fine powder that has been showing amazing results in assisting with chalk brrod issues, but also building bee colonies health. The come in two sizes only, 3kg and 11kg.