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"The condition, muscle and fitness my mare has gained is amazing to see and he is a much happier horse for it. Massive thanks to B-Complete by Banana Feeds Australia for helping him get health from the inside out!"


"Having a 9 year old obsessed with playing polo, safety is my number one concern. B-Complete has certainly made a difference in calming down his pony without taking away from his required energy. In addition his coat and body condition has greatly improved. I am delighted to have found this product."


"I’m wrapped with the results we are seeing with our Brumbies on B-Complete!"


"I have been using the B-Complete supplement for about 6 months. This has been a complete game changer for my mare!"


"Our pony has been on B-Complete for months now and is looking and working brilliantly. B-Complete is an important part of our toolbox to success. I urge all riders who have been thinking about it to do s, we are loving the results!"


"I've been using B-Complete on my show jumper and he's changed a lot in the past month! The shine on him is incredible! His whole personality has changed and he now works with me, it's great to see him so happy."


"Loving the product with our world cup showjumper. Great results."

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